The Batch Model: such is its significance that we named our business after it. A model of manufacturing that combats fashion's largest vice head on - waste. Waste, overproduction and deadstock is fashion’s worst kept secret. Yet, why is nothing being done about it? Especially considering we are shamefully aware of its damning reality.

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Of the 32 billion garments produced for the fashion industry each year, a whopping 64% will end up in landfill. And for further perspective, every seven minutes the height of Mt Everest is thrown away.  Sickening, right?

Our blissful ignorance is embarrassing. Our silence, deafening. And whilst we have the privilege to turn a blind eye, our planet doesn’t.  If we don’t take action now, what we take for granted daily, will be destroyed for future generations. Frankly, we are better than that. It’s high time for change.

Batch LDN have set out on a mission to manufacture only what is necessary. To supply the exact demand. To cut out the waste. Our Batch Model facilitates an actionable solution that opposes fast fashion’s destructive culture.  We sell our suits in ‘Batches’, three times a year, at a capped capacity, only producing exactly what has been sold. This means we don’t hold any stock, or produce any garments that don’t have an owner - cutting out the waste.

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Manufacturing suits made-to-order does, however, slow things down. You’re not going to receive your suit ‘next-day’.  You’re not going to receive your suit within the week either. Producing clothes on our Batch Model takes 8 weeks.  We’re not afraid to admit this. It’s what's necessary to create clothes sustainably. It’s the necessary step to tackle fast fashion.  And whilst this reality may not sit well with some, we know that there’s a blossoming community of like minded, progressive people, ready to join our pursuit of conscious shopping. 

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‘Good things come to those who wait’ - a statement packed with resonance. A statement that Batch LDN revolves around.  See, we view the 8 weeks as an opportunity; an opportunity to create a unique shopping experience. The 8 weeks takes you on an transparent and immersive journey of how your suit is made, and who is actually making it.

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We’ve done our homework. We know people are looking for opportunities to buy more sustainably.  Consumers, like you, are searching for mindfully produced clothes that don't break the bank, or compromise on quality and comfort. We believe our Batch Model is that opportunity. And we are proud to facilitate the chance for you to do your bit.   We are reinstating patience as a virtue and we’ll ensure your diligence is duly rewarded.