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We curate Batches of infinitely versatile suits, remodelled to prioritise functionality and comfort.

Our suits are specifically designed to be your go-to outfit for every day and every occassion. To seamlessly transition from day-to-night, from smart-to-casual.

Limited Capacity Batches

We exclusively make our suits in made-to-order, limited capacity Batches.

Our unique Batch Model is designed to produce exactly what is necessary, to reduce waste in the production process and slow fashion down.

We've remodelled the suit to champion individuality and freedom of expression.

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Based on 38 reviews
Fabric Deposit for my boyfriend

Was super easy, put the fabric deposit code in to redeem the suit! We found his size in an intimate fitting which was amazing.

Coolest suits out there!

My sister and I bought batch suits recently. We have been wearing them to every event possible since!! Super comfortable and such a diverse suit. They are perfect for a summer and winter party, wedding, or just matching the trousers with a cool top for a more casual look. WOULD RECOMMEND - much love Harry and India xx

Effortlessly cool

This has probably been one of the best purchases this year for me. I was impressed by the material, as the stretchy and comfortable feel make up has allowed me to use this on so many different occasions. Sometimes I just wear the trousers as chinos at work, then the full suit for weddings (lots of compliments on it, so thanks for this) and then just use the jacket sometimes for social wear, it's super versatile. I could not recommend this more, well-done Batch.


So so happy with my suit!! Feel so cool wearing it - have dressed it up for a smart dinners & worn the pieces separately, the jacket is so easy to chuck on top of any outfit. The quality of the fabric is amazing and I love knowing it’s a sustainable choice. Keeping my eyes peeled for round two!!

Game changer

Absolutely love my batch suit. It’s so versatile I can literally where it anywhere. It’s high quality too and the fabric is so soft!

I’m also a big advocate of the batch model, we should all try to shop more like this.

Looking forward to Batch 002!

As versatile as it gets

This suit is unreal, the versatility is unrivalled, it can be dressed up with smart shoes and a shirt for the smarter occasions or more smart casual with trainers and a T-shirt. (As seen in the blue version below)
The jacket and trousers can be worn independently (see picture below in an bar) and are damn comfy, the fit and built quality is really impressive. An excellent addition to the wardrobe. Great job batch looking forward to BATCH 2.0. Would absolutely buy a black version aswell

the softest and chicest

I have not taken this suit off since it arrived. The trousers hang perfectly and the material is so soft and comfortable. Thank you so much Batch, bring on batch 02. Will be purchasing again without a doubt.

Batch have well and truly changed the game

Quite simply the best suit in my wardrobe. As someone who wears suits daily to work, it’s been an absolute game changer. It’s versatility allows me to wear it to work and then out after without ever feeling over dressed.

Wearing suits all day can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s a different story in a batch suit. The batch boys are really cooking up a storm. Simply can’t wait to get my next batch!

It’s a new go-to

Literally a suit for all seasons, so soft. It’s that perfect in-between to bagginess and tailored that nails an every day outfit, but can be spruced up and buttoned down if you’re feeling smart. Love.

So happy!

So delighted to have bought into Batch 01. So worth the wait. Easily my most comfortable jacket & trousers. The cotton is so soft! It's perfect for every occasion, whether that be work, going out or just wanting to stand out. It's quite a statement piece but I love that. Really enjoyed seeing how it was made and who was making it. We should all try and shop more like this. Overall I think it's amazing value for money and I look forward to seeing what Batch 02 looks like!

Big fan!

Love love my batch suit!! Literally wear it everywhere and is unbelievably comfortable. Perfect for any occasion and can’t wait for more xx


The softest and most versatile suit. Have dressed mine up and also worn with trainers. Great fit and love the colour. 5 stars from me

Have barely taken it off!

The trousers fit perfectly around my waist and legs which is something I struggle to balance when buying trousers. And the jacket is so light weight but also insulating. This suit is everything I wanted it to be! My now every day go to. Thank you! SO excited for Batch 02, such amazing pieces xxxx

Batch 02 - Petrol For Women

Batch 02 Fabric Deposit
Rhodri Adamson
Love it!

Can’t wait to try it

Batch 02 - Sand For Men
William knight
Fantastic Purchase

A great quality suit super versatile for a mix of casual/smart occasions. Already had load of use from mine. Looking forward to future batches coming out :)


So comfy and fit perfectly. Jacket is my favourite thing to wear with everything. Thanks batch

Love it

Suit is so comfy and the material is so soft! Love how I can wear it to so many different occasions and get so many compliments on it when I do wear it

Already a wardrobe staple

Absolutely love my Batch suit. Have worn it a few times already, the balance between genuine comfort as well as being smart is a game changer! Looking forward to another purchase I’m sure in the not too distant future.

Unreal Suit

Haven’t stopped wearing the Batch 01 suit since I got it. The message and concept behind the brand is also very attractive

Excellent Suit. Tip top customer service

Best thing I've bought in years. The versatility of the suit is pretty unique and has elevated so many outfits. Also, the suit arrived with a tiny scuff (from manufacturer) and the boys were super reassuring and quick to get this sorted free of charge. Will be purchasing again for sure


Batch has lived up to expectations and well worth the wait. Exceptional quality and comfort for all occasions. The service was next to none and the team are a credit to the industry. Looking forward to seeing what they do next!

Perfect hybrid fit

As someone who has only half his days in the office where people expect you to make a bit more of an effort. Batch have made the perfect fit. Smart, comfortable and just as good in the pub or restaurant as it is in the office. Already excited for Batch 02 to launch.

I barely wear my normal suit anymore

These suit's really do exactly what they say they do. They look good in the office and out, they're comfortable, they're hard wearing, they style well with almost anything and they're unbelievably well made.

I've worn mine to the office, to the pub, on a train, on a plane, out to dinner and to parties. You really can get away with them in almost any scenario, and in most you will feel better dressed than anyone else.

Can't wait to see what Batch 002 brings, will absolutely be buying another one.

Batch 02 - Sand For Men
Charlie Dublin
Exceeded quality, comfort and style expectations

I've worn my Batch suit a number of times to the office and to some work conferences and it's extremely easy to dress up or down depending on who I am with.
Not only that but after the more formal work events it can easily transition into evening attire, no matter where I'm heading.
As someone who doesn't wear too much formal wear its very nice to be smart and comfortable at the same time, not something I've been use too.