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We created Batch LDN on a simple premise - we couldn’t find a decent casual suit.

We saw an opportunity to ‘redefine’ the suit. To design an outfit that doesn’t compromise. A hyper versatile, every-day outfit you actually want to wear. The ultimate casual-smart look.

When you start a fashion brand, you need to decide how you’re going to be sustainable.

As we did our due diligence, we uncovered what an unsustainable mess the fashion industry is. 6 out of 10 garments made every year, end up in landfill within 12 months.

We asked ourselves a big question: how do we combat fashion waste? The solution formulated our “Why”. Yes, we created Batch for a casual suit, but actually, why we created Batch was to change the way we consume fashion.

It’s not rocket science, if we only produce exactly what has been ordered, we will significantly, if not totally, eliminate fashion waste.

As such, we exclusively make our suits to order on our unique ‘Batch Model’ - watch the video here to find out how it works.

We warmly welcome you to the Batch Community. A counter-culture group of forward thinkers motivated to tackle fashion waste and overconsumption.


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