The Batch LDN Community

Aligned On A Shared Value

We are passionate about building a community of conscious shoppers, galvanised through a shared goal to change fashion's wasteful culture.

Through collective action, we can make meaningful change to a system that is drastically flawed.

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What We're Getting Up To

Engaging & Exclusive

We hold by-invite-only events for Batch customers and close community members. Great people and smart brands that we are proud to associate ourselves with.

Batch LDN have exclusive partnerships for our community. We have a tailoring and repairs service with Sojo. And a eco-friendly dry cleaning partner in Oxwash. See product details for more information.

We have big conversations whilst doing good stuff for our planet. But we're also partial to a good time...

Educate & Inspire

Big Conversations

We work closely with a lot of unique people and brands who have insightful and intruiging stories to tell.

Clever businesses with a shared ethos for making positive change. Conscious brands that champion and develop sustainable practice.

We aim to inspire our community to learn more, stay curious, connect with others and spread our slow fashion message.

But We're Also Partial To A Good Time

Drinks, Food & Music

Being sustainable doesn't have to be a dreary topic.

Our Community wants to make change. But like us, they understand that change doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Alongside our important chats: we drink, eat, laugh, dance and generally have a bloody good time. A Community of likeminded people who know how to have fun.

If you want to join the conversation make sure you pick up a Batch 02 suit.