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Why do I have to wait for my suit?

Because we’re cutting out waste. It’s our mission to tackle fast fashion and promote sustainable garment production. We only manufacture exactly what has been ordered. It’s for the betterment of our planet. For more information on why this is so important, please see ‘The Batch Model’ section.

How long does it take for Batch suits to arrive?

Once we place your order with our manufacturer, your suit takes 4-8 weeks to be made in our production facility in London. But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep you informed and entertained throughout the garment production journey, updating you regularly on your suit's progress through weekly video updates.

How long are the suits available for?

Batch 05 is available from May 1st until September 30th. You can purchase at any time. If you order at the start of the month, it's an 8 week wait. If you order at the end, it's a 4 week wait. 

Are the suits unisex?

Nope! Both the men’s and women's jackets and trousers are different cuts. We wanted to make sure the ladies suit looked perfect for female figures. Please see our product description page for more details. That being said, both cuts can be considered as unisex if you're looking for a different vibe - we have a lot of male customers that enjoy the women's boxier jacket/flared trouser. Similarly, a lot of our female customers enjoy the mens jacket.

How can I be sure what size I am?

Please refer to Our Size Guide for accurate sizing.

We’re here to help. If you’d like to speak to us aboutsizing, drop us an email on or reach out to us on instagram @batch.ldn

We’ve mitigated potential sizing issues through carefully considerations: the cut, the detailed size guide, the adjustable buckles, the cotton all lend themselves to supporting the right fit. We're typical off the shelf sizing, so go for your normal, true size and you'll be sweet. If you're still unsure, book yourself in for an in-store fitting consultation.

Where are your suits manufactured?

Our suits are manufactured right here in London now. Batch 01-03 were skilfully made in Portugal, however we always wanted to manufacture at home, so from Batch 04 onwards we're delighted to be producing our suits here in London.

Can I wash my suit?

Dry clean only.

Returns questions

Can I return my suit?

We are big on avoiding returns, and think it’s one of many toxic issues concerning the fashion industry. Therefore, if it’s a size issue, please first refer to our tailoring partner SOJO - who will fix you up. We’ve negotiated a discount for our customers and we cover 50% of the bill.

However, we accept returns within 14 days of delivery, as long as the suit is in perfect, unworn condition.


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