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Why You Need A Batch Suit

Why You Need A Batch Suit

Simply put, there are a lot of reasons as to why you need a Batch LDN suit.  

An outfit that is as smart as it is casual. An outfit that is as versatile, as it is felicitous.  We’ve redefined the suit; and for good reason: the amplified need for a more functional wardrobe, traditional suits dying out, and fashion’s shameful waste spearhead the argument as to why you’ll need a Batch suit. Let us elaborate… 

Batch was built to cater to the progressive working environment. Why? Because it’s totally changed. We’re in work less, we’re wearing formal clothes less, and the attitude towards our 9-5 outfit has readjusted. We want to look relaxed, feel comfortable and importantly still look sharp enough to turn heads. However, pulling this look off can be arduous. 

Smart-casual is a style undefined; a look that you can interpret for yourself. That being said, your interpretation of smart-casual may be different to the next person. We hold our hands up, we’ve got the balance wrong on many occasions! Turning up too casual for work, or too smart for your mate’s birthday; striking the balance between two contrasting styles isn’t easy. 

Imagine owning an outfit that was befitting of all occasions. A redefined suit that could be dressed up or down to appease any circumstance.  Wear it with shoes or with trainers. Wear it with a shirt or a t-shirt. Wear just the jacket. Wear just the trousers. Wear them together. 

Wear it to work. Wear to the pub. Wear it out on a date. Wear it to a wedding. Wear it to a dinner party. Wear it to walk the dog. You get the picture… 

Batch LDN campaigns for individuality and freedom of expression. We understand that everyone has their own flex. What we wear is a representation of who we are, right?  The traditional suit suppresses our originality. And that’s super lame. For us, they symbolise an outdated hierarchical structure. It's time we had something expressive, exciting and multi-functional to don. 

Comfort. We have created an incredibly comfortable suit. The relaxed fit, carbon brushed cotton and stretchy elastane have formed an alliance and it’s frighteningly cosy. Honestly, we were even shocked when we put the suit on for the first time. You’ll have to wear it to believe us. Rest assured, we’re not ones for exaggeration. 

We’re all looking for easier ways to shop more sustainably. To buy better quality garments and to reduce the amassing piles of clothes in our wardrobe. Batch LDN facilitates sustainable shopping. Operating on our unique Batch Model, we produce garments made to order, cutting out waste overproduction and dead stock - fashion’s ugliest vice. You need a Batch LDN suit because it’s your chance to make an eco-friendly clothing purchase. It’s your chance to do good and challenge fast fashion’s harmful culture. 

We can continue to pile up the reasons as to why you need a Batch LDN suit, but to truly understand why, you’ll have to own one yourself… 


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