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Why I Dropped Teaching For A Fashion Start-Up

Why I Dropped Teaching For A Fashion Start-Up

Hey Batch readers, Michaela here. The newest member of the Batch LDN team. I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself and give you guys an insight into why I paused my career in teaching to pursue the start up life!

After graduating from the University of Bristol, where I spent time studying Portuguese and living in Brazil, and after completing a masters at UCL I thought it was time for a change. Throughout my time at university, I enjoyed organising live music and art events, always in aid of charity and more importantly, my passion of sustainability and the environment.

After all that studying, I decided to pursue a career with Teach First, teaching French and Spanish to ages 11-18 in a large school in Tottenham. Teach first’s mission particularly resonated with me, it was this idea of ‘let's give opportunities to kids that wouldn’t normally have them, and lets open up doors for them'. 

I aimed to build a community in my classroom, in which all were willing and able to contribute, despite the learning barriers they faced. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching and the challenges it threw at me (sometimes even a chair being thrown by a pupil!), after two years, I felt that a change was in order.

 So why the dramatic change? Why did I decide to join a sustainable fashion start up, and more importantly Batch LDN?

I guess entrepreneurship is in my blood, my grandfather arrived in England, having survived a brutal war with a towel and £5 in his pocket and built up a successful Lancashire manufacturing textile business, my father reinvented this business to a retail chain and my brother has founded his own tech start-up.

I have been brought up to see every obstacle as an opportunity, to never stop questioning and to care deeply about where I work and the people I work with. When I was introduced to Batch it was immediately clear to me that I had found a company whose ideals and objectives aligned with my own and would reward my total commitment with the most tremendous opportunities for growth. 

Sam and Julian articulated a vision that inspired me. They are deep within the midst of building, not just a community, but a culture of link minded thinkers who dress well but are conscious of the brutal cost their wardrobe is taking on our planet.  I could see a market ripe for some disruption, a sustainable and at the same time beautiful product, and the beginnings of a loyal customer base which would provide growth potential. In short, I saw Batch as a winner and wanted to make a leap into this new experimental world. I know this will reward me with a personal and professional fulfilment which would be impossible to find in a more traditional established organisation. 

I am thrilled to be a part of this journey, growing Batch culture, planning a variety and events to inspire, and trying to ensure that the streets of Shoreditch are absolutely teaming with Batch suits.  Wishing everyone a fabulous and sustainable 2023, filled with Batch 02!

*obviously written by Michaela - I just don't have a website log in haha.


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