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Fashion's Shameful Waste Crisis

Fashion's Shameful Waste Crisis

Waste: fashion’s most criminal vice. Every 7 minutes, fashion waste amounts to a landfill site the height of Mount Everest. Every 7 minutes. Just let that sink in. 

What’s more troubling is that of the 32 billion garments produced worldwide each year, a whopping 64% will end up in landfill.  When you actually take a moment to digest them, the statistics are beyond belief. Nevertheless, they’re true. 

See, that’s part of the issue isn’t it. We are confronted with facts that don’t seem to be hitting home. They don’t seem to make us feel anything, nor have the desired effect of enacting change. “Oh that’s so bad”, or “Oh my god I can’t believe that!” is often our automated response. 

In one ear, out the other. We know it’s going on. Yet why are we (most of us, anyway) doing nothing about it?  We consume fashion at a totally unsustainable rate, knowing full well it’s terrible for the planet. 

Aren’t we lucky to lean on blissful ignorance when it suits us. We seemingly have the undeserved privilege of turning a blind eye to fashion’s ugliest trait. 

What’s more troubling is this trend isn’t going anywhere. Our consumption is doubling and we’re using clothes less.  In fact, 94 million kgs worth of single-use outfits are bought every year… 

The stats are consistently rolled out in a hopeful bid to reverse fast fashion’s course; but sadly they’re not doing much. A radical overhaul is needed to right fashion’s wrongs. 

Be that as it may, it’s not all doom and gloom.  Many new fashion’s brands view sustainable practices as non-negotiable. New era business is thankfully more attuned to the blatant crisis we have on our hands.  It is encouraging that eco-friendly clothing is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 11.6%, making it fashion’s fastest growing sector. There’s comfort in noting that, last year more than two-thirds of UK consumers considered a brand’s sustainable credentials before buying.

Perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel… However, there’s no quick fix. Despite the budding growth of progressive thinkers who actively lobby for eco-friendly fashion, supporting sustainable production needs a cultural shift of seismic proportion. We need movements dedicated to championing better practice. 

At Batch LDN, we are proud to operate on our unique Batch Model. Manufacturing in Batches eliminates over-production and waste, enabling shoppers to consume fashion more conscientiously. Our Batch Model is fostering a community of people searching for opportunities to shop more sustainably. As a collective, we can make meaningful impact on fast fashion’s destructive culture. 


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