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The Hybrid Worker's Wardrobe

The Hybrid Worker's Wardrobe

Working from home is here to stay - and frankly, we’re all loving it. The improved quality of life, saying goodbye to your commute and the opportunity to avoid that annoying colleague has rebalanced the work-life conundrum.  That being said, we’re also relishing the chance to frequent the office as we please. It’s actually quite pleasant to go into work now, right? 

If we told you 3 years ago that you could be at work 1 or 2 days a week, and spend the rest of time working at home, you’d have bitten our hand off. And your boss, well they would have vetoed it! Yet somehow it’s the world we find ourselves in. 

The WFH movement has facilitated a fundamental shift in what we wear to work. It’s rewritten the rules on workplace formality. And these new rules have scripted a new term: ‘hybrid work’.  For those not familiar: ‘A hybrid model of working allows employees to blend working from different locations such as home, office, co-working spaces and cafes’. 

Chances are, you’ll be well acquainted with the phrase, as according to Microsoft’s 2021 report, 73% of employees expressed a desire for flexible remote work options post-pandemic. This growing desire for flexibility has accelerated wardrobe 'casualisation'.   The hybrid workplace demands more versatility and comfort: an outfit that strikes the sweet spot between casual and smart.  For many, the daily suit-up seems to be a distant memory.  A reality that likely won’t disappear any time soon… 

We’re not the only ones professing this either. Sam Kershaw, the buying director at Mr Porter, says hybrid wardrobe isn't going anywhere. Noting, customers aren’t ready to disregard the ‘at home’ shift of comfortable, versatile garments. Our shopping habits have changed to prioritise well-made things, with longevity and functionality top of the criteria. Hybrid items that facilitate working from home, office meetings and weekend activities. The developments are indicative of a fundamental cultural shift. Being able to express yourself through dress is linked to having a more progressive, diverse workplace.

In fact, several studies conducted support the benefits of adopting a casual wear policy at work.  It improves employee productivity and morale: a study by StitchMine showed that 87% of workers believe adopting a more relaxed office dress code improves morale, and that 47% believe it improves productivity as a result.  Having a relaxed dress code demonstrates flexibility and inspires creativity and individuality. 

In spite of that, it’s still important to look well turned out, right? Whether you’re at the office, your local cafe or sitting at home on Zoom, feeling presentable and fashionable remains high on our agenda.  We are searching for an outfit that befits all occasions.  An outfit that is as appropriate for work day, as it is your night out.  If only there was some kind of redefined suit that wasn’t overly formal and made you feel great? 

Oh, wait…


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