At Batch LDN we take massive pride in being a forward-thinking brand. We actively embrace change, particularly where it adds value to our customer experience. 

‘Web 3’ presents a big opportunity for Batch LDN, as we have grand plans to integrate blockchain technology into our business model. It is at the forefront of our brand ethos to be trailblazers. And on this particular venture into the new digital age, we want to take you with us.

That’s why we are immensely proud to introduce you to the first official Batch LDN NFT collection: Batch 01.

The Premise

Alongside the Batch 01’s redefined suit range, we are releasing 200 official NFTs. They will be distributed for free to those lucky enough to get their hands on Batch 01.

All 200 pieces from Batch 01’s collection have a digital NFT twin - a unique piece of art connected to its physical duplicate by smart contract. 

As the official owner of a Batch NFT, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive giveaways and invites to Batch LDN events. This is a token of our gratitude and a warm welcome into the Batch community.

How do I get an NFT?

Once you have bought a suit from the Batch 01 collection, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. Within this email, you will find a link that you need to click in order to set up your digital wallet and receive your official NFT. It’s as simple as that! 

What are the benefits?

From the outset, you will be the official owner of an original Batch LDN digital art piece. Only 200 of these will ever exist, so you should cherish it accordingly.

This is where things get exciting. Over time, we will airdrop brand updates, tickets for events and even additional art pieces, all free of charge, into your digital wallet. This is a new and innovative way of rewarding our original customers, who have supported and invested in Batch.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to a unique digital item. In this case, it is an original art piece that is held in your digital wallet. It cannot be replicated, and your ownership of it is written into a contract that cannot be hacked.

Where can I view my NFT once I have bought it?

Your Batch LDN NFT will be viewable and securely stored in your personal Batch Digital Wallet. Your Wallet can be accessed through your standard internet browser. The URL address will be included in your purchase confirmation email.

Do I need to know about Crypto to get involved?

Absolutely not! The NFTs are completely free of charge for anyone who has bought a suit from the Batch 01 collection. We have ensured the whole process is incredibly simple. All you need to do is click the link in your confirmation email and everything will be taken care of for you. In that, your wallet will be automatically set up and your NFT will be transferred into it. 

Are there any environmental impacts?

These NFTs are batch-minted on the Solana blockchain, a carbon-neutral blockchain.

Can I sell mine?

Yes, you can. You can list your NFT on secondary marketplaces, such as Opensea or Magic Eden. We would advise you to hold onto it for a while. Its value is most likely to spike as Batch LDN grows into a household name!